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180 Early Finisher Math Task Cards and Board Idea



I have created 180 Math Task Cards for you to use and keep your early finishers engaged. From the time I implemented this strategy, I have noticed a change in my students attitude towards math. They are excited to use the board and find the activities fun but a challenge.

Other ways you can utilize the math task cards in your classroom:
*Quickly review math concepts
*Cooperative learning-Small group intervention
*Gallery Walk- Place the task cards around your classroom and have students record their answers on a recording sheet. This allows student to move about your classroom easily while increasing student achievement
*Differentiation based on learning styles and interests
*Ticket out the door
*Parking lot question
*Math Centers

I'm Done ...What Now Board Idea:

The board I created for my early finishers includes 5 sections: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each section will contain a copy of 5 task cards because at most I have 5 early finishers per period. It is up to you to decide which task you want your students to complete for that day. You know your students and their capabilities. All the task cards are aligned to Common Core Standards and therefore are curriculum-related activities.

You have 180 task cards that should last you the entire school year!!!

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