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Web 2.0: Cool Tools For Schools

Cool Tools For Schools wiki has a plethora of resources and web 2.0 tools for teachers to use in their classroom. I joined a few weeks ago and I am a bit overwhelmed by what they have to offer. It may take you a week to look through all the information, but it is well worth it.They have links to presentation tools,…


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3 Free Math Programs That Rock

You know the saying that "free is not always better and you get what you pay for." Well, in the world of mathematics, sometimes this doesn't hold true. Free is better not only because it saves you alot of money but primarily because these programs are useful and does not require an enormous amount of skills like Mathematica and…


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Fluid Math Software

A member of our community informed me about this cool software called Fluid Math. It is designed for Tablet PCs. Fluid Math turns handwritten math notation into a type set and print form in which you can paste into a word document. It is used for pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, pre-Calculus, and Physics teachers and students. What are the features of FluidMath?  FluidMath has the following features:

  • Pen-centric user interface – FluidMath’s…

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Top 10 Math Cheat Sheets

1.Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Cheat Sheet: This is a how-to-guide with steps to solve order of operations, rounding off, add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. Add and subtract fractions, solving equations, monomials, polynomials, and more. Cheat sheet is 37 pages.



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5 Tips that will help ease math anxiety

For some of us, math is something we just don't get and we struggle with it throughout middle and high school. It is hard for us to connect math to the real world and we find it useless and a waste of time. It stresses us out and causes anxiety. However, there is a connection between math and the real world. We use math in our everyday lives. We use it when we are creating a household budget, when we are cooking, when we are planning a trip, etc... What we need to change is our approach to…


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Interview Tips For A Math Teacher Position

If you want to pursue a career in the field of education as a math teacher, I have provided you with some helpful interview tips:

* Foremost, you always want to look presentable and wear professional attire. I would suggest wearing a nice business suit that is not too busy and easy on the eyes. You don't want to draw too much attention to your clothes.

* Second, you also want to be prepared by bringing a portfolio of former student work samples with names marked off and lesson…


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Top Ten Ways You Can Address Behavior Problems in Your Classroom.


You can know the ends and out of the subject you teach, but would good would that information be to your students if you cannot effectively manage behavior issues. The way you handle the first incident can make or break you. Teachers are leaders and students are the followers. We all know that in order to be an effective leader you have to be able to listen, guide, and motivate. It is…


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Math in Real world



When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you're using math principles. People have been using these same principles for thousands of years, across countries and continents. Whether you're sailing a boat off the coast of Japan or building a house in Peru, you're using math to get things done.


How can…


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How Parents can assist teachers outside of school

Parents, if you want to help the teachers. Please help your kids with the material. Help them do their homework and answer their questions. This is the best way you can help. :)

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Math Concentration’s "Hit 'em Up" Scavenger Hunt #4- Win $10 Amazon Gift Card

Hello Math Concentration family. We are excited to announce our fourth online Scavenger Hunt.  The first person to find everything on this list will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!


To play this "Hit 'em Up" Scavenger Hunt, visit and look for the answers to 16 questions. Some of the items on this list may not exist. You may have to create them.

  1. What is the link for Project…

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Math Concentration's "Beautiful Classroom" Photo Contest


Math Concentration is hosting a Show Us Your "Beautiful Classroom" Photo Contest. Math Concentration is a social network that offers free math homework help via forum, chat,instant messaging and a virtual whiteboard. Math Concentration promotes numeracy, building healthy parent/teacher relationships, and fostering students to become product citizens in society. So register today to upload your beautiful classroom photos for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Card! Remember, winners are…


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Create a glog on Glogster

Create your own Glog poster on Globster today! A Glog is a poster that you customize with text, images, music and video. It can be colorful, bland, rock, whatever. The look and feel is up to you. You can have your student create brilliant blogs about math facts using photos, videos, images, and much more. Visit today!


Other examples:…


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Building Homes of Our Own

Building Homes of Our Own

Building Homes of Our Own lets students collect information, solve problems, and make real-world choices as "virtual" builders.

  • Use tools and resources to…

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Virtual College Tours

I remember my senior year of high school... I did not have a clue what college I would enroll at. All I knew is that I was going because I wanted to make something of my self. There were so many colleges to choose from and I didn’t have the money nor did my parents have the time to take…


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I need help with Multiplying & Dividing Fractions???

I could really use some help with multiplying and dividing fractions. It has been a very long time since I was in school and I cannot recall the way I was taught to solve these problems. My daughter is needing help so if someone can show me how to work out these two problems I'm hoping I'll remember how to do them.


  2/7 divided by 3/3


3/1 x…


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Top 10 Things Math Teachers Should Do

10. Use technology to keep families informed. These days, more is better when it comes to family communications. It would be nice if you could call every parent every day to update them but who has the time? For homework, tests, field trips, important events and general information, take advantage of what's out there. I had a web site that was very effective and made my job a lot easier. Today, I'd be using Twitter.

9. Use the phone to discuss sensitive…


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The Best Math Game

I remembered back then when I was in elementary, my favorite subject is always Algebra. Our teacher always give contests where we could join. But they're no ordinary contests. Our teacher is always strict, if you volunteered to answer and you didn't get it right, you should try until you get it right.


Before I always complain about those contests, but not until I entered high school. I realized then that I was more practiced of Algebra because of those contests, I even got a…


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Examples of Cooperative Learning in Math

Cooperative learning is a term used to describe a method of instruction for teaching a variety of subjects or lessons to small groups of students. Not only does cooperative learning facilitate social interaction among students, but it is also beneficial in promoting academic achievement and comprehension of skills. There are many ways to incorporate cooperative learning during math lessons.

Categorizing. Separate students into small groups. Each…


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Figure This Challenge #24


  • Complete Solution will be given on May 13, 2013

Complete Solution:



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Math Homework Help Online

Fun Math Facts:

Math Limerick

Question: Why is this a mathematical limerick?

( (12 + 144 + 20 + 3 Sqrt[4]) / 7 ) + 5*11 = 92 + 0 .


A dozen, a gross, and a score,
plus three times the square root of four, divided by seven, plus five times eleven, is nine squared and not a bit more.

---Jon Saxton (math textbook author)

Presentation Suggestions:
Challenge students to invent their own math limerick!

The Math Behind the Fact:
It is fun to mix mathematics with poetry.


Su, Francis E., et al. "Math Limerick." Math Fun Facts.



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