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Ideas and Suggestions to Foster Parent Involvement

The purpose of this article is to positively foster parent involvement that will positively impact student achievement.

1. Encouragement

How might I support my child in mathematics?

  • Let your child know that all students can be successful in mathematics.
  • Encourage your child to think of math problems as puzzles or games.
  • Don’t underestimate your own mathematical…

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Ideas for a Successful Math Word Wall

Math Word Walls 

Mathematics Word Walls are to be active and built upon. Words are to be posted as they are introduced in the day’s lesson. Mathematics spirals and students need to explore multiple exposures to important concepts and…


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Remind101 - A Safe and Free Way For Teachers to Text Message Students

In my opinion, is technology at its best!! This free service allows teachers to send messages to their students safely and its a great way to minimize excuses like I forgot to complete my homework assignment or the dog ate it!!! Even better, its easy to set literally took me two minutes to register and set up my classes. In addition, you can print instructions for your class as…


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Free Geometry is Every Where Posters

The following posters were downloaded from The Project Maths Development Team

The Project Maths Development Team is a team of experienced teachers of mathematics recruited to provide professional development support to post-primary teachers of mathematics across the country as part of Project Maths. …


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The Flipped Classroom Infographic

A new method of teaching. Many educators are experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom model. So what is it and why is everyone talking about it? Find out the answers in this cool infographic...The Flipped Classroom Infographic:…


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The Gamification of Education Infographic

The Gamification of Education Infographic

What is Gamification? It is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts.

Gamification has tremendous potential in the education space.How can we use it to deliver truly meaningful experiences to students?



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Rewards for Students With Good Grades

Summer is over and it's a new school year, but realistically, how many students actually want to go back to school? As a parent, I had to listen to the moaning and groaning from my own children on why they have to get up so early and yada yada yada!!! Well, I have some good news...there are companies that provide rewards to students for good grades!!! The best part is their free and what kid wouldn't want a free scoop of ice cream and free tokens to Chuck-e-cheese.…


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Smiley Stamp Card

I must say, this incentive is working wonders thus far and…


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Stuff Happens Card

As a teacher, I know you have probably heard a million times, "The dog ate…


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Building Number Sense Freebie

I was searching google for 2 hours looking for some freebies on building number sense in my classroom. I came across the following freebie by Kristine Nannini which I hope you enjoy!!! Kristine's blog: has awesome resources!!! This freebie includes a Monthly Math Facts Log in which students log the date, math fact studied, and how they studied their math fact. Fifth graders are…


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Math Pets Plus- Educational Math Action Game

Math Pets Plus! released for the iPad - Educational Math Action Game

Independent developer Jiayi Chong is pleased to announce the release of Math Pets Plus! 1.0 for the Apple…


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I'm having trouble with Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line

So my daughter is working with Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line and I'm totally confused and need help in explaining it to her. I will list the following problems below. I would greatly appreciate the help.



Name the mixed number that is shown with a dot on the number line. Express your answer in simplest form.




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Ratio and Rate Problems

Ratio and Rate Problems

We will use real world examples to solve ratio and rate problems. To solve ratio and rate problems you can use equivalent ratios with multiplication and division:


Example 1: A survey found that 12 out of…


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Office Depot Teacher Appreciation Day


20% instant discount:
Maximum discount of $20.00. Offer valid in Office Depot stores only (excludes clearance stores) and excludes purchases of 1) gift cards, 2) all consumer… Continue

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Staples Teacher Appreciation Day

Attention teachers don’t forget about the upcoming Staples Teacher Appreciation Day 2011 …


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Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day

Mark your calendars for Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day. This year it is TWO DAYS! ( July 31st and August 1st, 2011! :) All teachers (home educators included) will receive a free re-usable shopping bag and will receive 20% off everything you can fit in it.

Office Max also has some free…


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Equivalent Ratios

                                                   Equivalent Ratios

We will determine whether or not two ratios are equivalent. When two rates have the same unit rate, they are equivalent. Suppose one quantity of 10 prints from a digital camera cost $2  and a second quantity of 30 prints cost $6. These two quantities are equivalent because they both have a unit rate of…


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We will determine unit rates.

Rate: A rate is ratio that compares two quantities with different units like miles per hour.

Unit rate: A unit…


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Median, Mode, and Range

                         Median, Mode, and Range

Median- When you arrange the given set of data from least to greatest, the median will be the number in the middle or it would be the mean of the two middle numbers.

Mode- The mode of a given set of data is the number that…


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Find the Mean

                                         Find the Mean

To find the mean of a given set of data, you need to add up all data and divide by the number of pieces of the data.



1). Marsha earned $15, $20, $10,…


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Figure This Challenge #48


  • Complete Solution will be given on March 8, 2015

Complete Solution:



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Math Homework Help Online

Fun Math Facts:

Math Limerick

Question: Why is this a mathematical limerick?

( (12 + 144 + 20 + 3 Sqrt[4]) / 7 ) + 5*11 = 92 + 0 .


A dozen, a gross, and a score,
plus three times the square root of four, divided by seven, plus five times eleven, is nine squared and not a bit more.

---Jon Saxton (math textbook author)

Presentation Suggestions:
Challenge students to invent their own math limerick!

The Math Behind the Fact:
It is fun to mix mathematics with poetry.


Su, Francis E., et al. "Math Limerick." Math Fun Facts.


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