Median, Mode, and Range

Median- When you arrange the given set of data from least to greatest, the median will be the number in the middle or it would be the mean of the two middle numbers.

Mode- The mode of a given set of data is the number that occurs most often.

Range- The range of a given set of data is the difference between the greatest number  and the lowest number.




Find the median and mode of the given set of data:

40, 38, 40, 37, 33, 30, 20, 24, 21, 17, 19

Step 1: Order the data from least to greatest to find median

Step 2:I cross out numbers from right to left to make it easier for me to see the middle number. The median is 30. The mode is 40 because it occurs the most often.


Find the range of the given set of data:

17.91, 21.21, 19.05, 24.26

The greatest number is 24.26 and the least number is 17.91. So, the range is 24.26-17.91=6.35


How to find the Mode, Range, and Median - The best home videos are here

Found on the Web:


Independent Activity:Investigation: To collect data, ask eight classmates, "What's your height in centimeters?" Then determine mean, median, mode, outliers, and range for that data set.


Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Web Games:

Mean, Median, and Mode Game:This interactive activity involves finding the mean, median and mode of a collection of buildings. Put them in order and answer various questions, what is the median? What height is the mode?

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Math Limerick

Question: Why is this a mathematical limerick?

( (12 + 144 + 20 + 3 Sqrt[4]) / 7 ) + 5*11 = 92 + 0 .


A dozen, a gross, and a score,
plus three times the square root of four, divided by seven, plus five times eleven, is nine squared and not a bit more.

---Jon Saxton (math textbook author)

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It is fun to mix mathematics with poetry.


Su, Francis E., et al. "Math Limerick." Math Fun Facts.


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